Pursuant to the provision of Article 6 of the Fund Act, the Fund bodies comprise the Management Board and the Director.

The Management Board manages the Fund in accordance with the provisions of the Fund Act (Official Gazette “Narodne novine” no. 107/07 and 21/22), Bylaws of the Fund, other general documents of the Fund, laws and legal regulations and supervises the Director. The Management Board has seven members, including the Chairperson. The Chairperson and members of the Management Board are appointed and dismissed by the Government of the Republic of Croatia to a four-year term. In addition to the Fund’s Bylaws, which the Board enacts by consent of the Croatian Government, it also enacts the Rules of Procedure of the Management Board, Rules of Internal Organisation and other documents as well as agendas and financial plans for each business year and defines investment and funds management policies.

On 9 April 2008, the Management Board adopted the Fund’s Bylaws; on 2 May 2008, the Croatian Government granted consent to the Bylaws. In October 2012, the Government of the Republic of Croatia approved the Amendments to the Fund’s Bylaws.

The Director represents the Fund and acts as its business manager. The Fund Director is appointed by the Management Board through open competition to a four-year term. The Director is responsible for the legal compliance of the Fund’s activities and operations, proposes agendas and financial plans to the Management Board , executes the Management Boards’ decisions and proposes general documents. The Director shall also submit quarterly financial reports to the Management Board , conclude and terminate employment contracts and perform other tasks.

The Fund possesses the following organisational units: Office of the Director, the Financial Asset Management and Business Support Department, and the Department for activites related to coordination of preparation and drafting of the Krško NPP Decommissioning and Radioactive Waste and Spent Nuclear Fuel Disposal Programme.


The Management Board:

  • Ivo Milatić, Chairman, Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development
  • Vjekoslav Jukić, PhD, Deputy Chairman, Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development
  • Damir Trut, PhD, Ministry of the Interior
  • Hana Zoričić, Ministry of Finance
  • Prof. Marijana Ivanov, PhD, independent expert
  • mr. sc. Matjaž Prah, Hrvatska elektroprivreda d.d.
  • Dražen Jakšić, independent expert


  • mr. sc. Josip Lebegner, dipl. ing.

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