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Ionising radiation sources and the properties of radioactivity are used in all aspects of our daily lives, from science and medicine to industry, agriculture and military activities. The most well-known applications are certainly medical purposes and electricity generation. The nuclear industry is the second largest producer of electricity with the lowest greenhouse gas emissions, right after hydropower facilities. It is precisely this advantage that makes the further development of the nuclear industry a good strategic choice in the world.

The nuclear energy industry is also one of the few branches of industry that takes full responsibility for the generated waste, and includes the costs of its disposal in its final product from the beginning of production. The safe disposal of radioactive waste is a moral and legal obligation of every Member State of the European Union that owns this type of waste. In modern times, there are a number of technologically proven methods for the safe disposal of radioactive waste, and all have the same goal – to protect human health and the environment. As with any other type of waste, responsible behaviour reduces the harmful impact of radioactive substances to a level acceptable to humans and the environment or eliminates them completely.

By establishing the Radioactive Waste Management Centre, the Republic of Croatia will dispose of its radioactive waste and disused ionising radiation sources in a systematic, verified and safe manner. Communication and public involvement in the course of the project is of the utmost importance for this project. The intention of the Fund is to provide the necessary information to the public, to raise general public awareness on this topic, and to encourage active participation and interest in the project. In addition to their basic purpose, projects of this type bring numerous added values to the areas in which they are implemented. Such added values come in the form of improving infrastructure, encouraging the education and employment of young people, developing the economic and social opportunities of the local community, and a number of development projects that contribute to the quality of life.

In its work, the Fund is guided by the National Programme for the Implementation of the RW, DS and SNF Management Strategy (Official Gazette “Narodne novine” no. 100/18) and best business practices.


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