Public Procurement Procedures

Public procurement of study preparation services for the “Analysis of Croatia’s options for radioactive waste disposal”

By the Decision of the State Commission for the Supervision of Public Procurement Procedures, Class: UP/II-034-02/11-01/1275, Reg. No.: 354-01/11-13 of 8 December 2011, the Selection Decision no. 4-DIR-43/11-6 of 10 August 2011 for the following public procurement as well as the open public procurement procedure, publication number N-02-V-122187-270511, are annulled.

The drafting of the Strategic Environmental Impact Assessment Study for the “National Programme for the Implementation of the RW, DS and SNF Management Strategy” and a strategic assessment with the involvement of interested parties; all information on the procedure, documentation, answers and decisions are available at the Ministry of the Interior webpage.

All other procedures that are being implemented by the Fund since 2018 are transparently published on the EPPC link.


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